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7 Job Opportunities at Medical Teams International, Pharmaceutical Technicians

Who We Are
Every person matters. To God and to us.
Loving the Vulnerable
In our broken world, so many people are suffering. They are pushed to the margins and forgotten. Men, women and children are persecuted and left without homes. They are hurting, sick and in crisis.
God calls us to love the vulnerable, to dare to love like Jesus. He uses us to provide those in crisis with protection and care.
We work to restore health as the first step to restoring hope. Because every person deserves the chance for a better life. Because every person — no matter where they are or how desperate their situation — matters.
Delivering Life-saving Medical Care to People in Crisis
People in crisis are dying from preventable causes. Our staff and volunteers are working to change that by bringing basic but life-saving medical care.
Going where we’re needed most, we ease the suffering of those devastated by crises. We mobilize staff and volunteers quickly – entering places of turmoil, disease and natural disaster – to save lives and leave communities healthier.

Our Calling
Daring to love like Jesus, we boldly break barriers to health and restore wholeness in a hurting world.
Our Values
We Are Courageous: We are bold and we know it takes bravery to break down barriers and do what we do.
We Are Accountable: We take our responsibilities and role seriously. We have integrity in all we do.
We Are Tenacious: We have that can-do spirit. We don’t give up when the going gets tough.
We Are Selfless: We put others before ourselves. Always. That is who we are.
We Are Not Alone: We know God is always with us as we stand in solidarity with others.

Deadline: 13th December, 2019

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