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HESLB First Year Students Reach 46,838 Get Loan 2019/20

Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB)
HESLB First Year Students Reach 46,838 Get Loan 2019/20, MAJINA YA WALIOPATA MKOPO All Batch Students Get Loan
The Higher Education Student Loan Board (HESLB) has announced a three-phase list with a total of 4,785 first-year students who have received loans worth TZS 14.3 billion thus making a total of TZS first-year students eligible for loans. 162.86 billion to date 46,838.

The first list was released on October 17 this year and had 30,675 first-year students receiving loans worth TZS 113.5 billion. The second list was released on October 26 this year with 11,378 first-year students on loan worth TZS 35.06 billion.
A statement released today (Sunday, November 3, 2019) by HESLB’s CEO Abdul-Razaq Badru has stated that students who received loans in phase three can access their information through accounts they used to apply for a popular loan like SIPA – Student’s Individual Permanent Account.

Along with SIPA, Badru said all the names of the successful loan applicants in the second phase are available on HESLB’s loan application (https://olas.heslb.go.tz) and the Board’s website (www.heslb.go.tz). “This third phase includes needy students who have completed the qualification process as well as completing corrections for their defective applications … we will continue to work on corrective applications and those who qualify will be organized,” said Badru.


Regarding student repayment procedures, Badru said funds for student loans have been transferred to colleges and colleges have been raised to ensure funding reaches the targeted students once they arrive and complete the registration process. “

The government has given us the TZS 125 billion we needed for the first quarter of October to December this year and we have sent colleges and our officials have started to go to colleges to meet students and solve challenges if they arise,” he said.