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What Is First Country Use 5G Africa

What Is First Country Use 5G Africa

While efforts to migrate to 4G are underway for some telecommunications companies in Tanzania, South Africa has made history to the first country in Africa to have a fast 5G network.

According to the website Forbes, a local telecommunications company called Rain, has successfully enabled the 5G network to take full advantage starting this month. According to the website, it is said that the network is expected to be used first in the capital of Tshwane (now known as Pretoria) as well as the commercial city of Johannesburg. 5G Network Africa 2019

Although it is said that the network will still work for some of its selected customers, but a spokeswoman for Rain’s company said that the company expects to expand its service to all the major cities in the country by 2020. 5G Network In Tanzania

“We have selected some of the existing customers on sites with the same 5G network as the first customers to buy 5G speed data and use unlimited Randy R1,000 (TZS 155,000) per month,” said Khaya Dlanga, chief executive officer marketing company Rain.

The network has been developed by Rain company in partnership with Huawei, where it is said to be 10 times faster than the 4G network currently used by many customers of the network.

Dlanga said the speed of 700 MB per second in optimal conditions was recorded during the testing. “However, in reality we expect to see at least 200 MB per second for customers.”

Rain Company is partnering with University of Wits and Huawei Technologies to launch the 5G innovation Lab at the University of Johannesburg. “This exciting opportunity will give young engineers the opportunity to start developing innovative uses of 5G,” said Dlanga.